2015 Brags

Mary Jo Bertolino and "Emmett"


2015 Brags: Emmett is an 8 month old puppy who has decided that he wants to be a gardener. He has pruned a Japanese maple, hunted down that darn mole, prepared another hole for another plant, and dug up that Brussels sprout stalk.


Betsy Hodges and "Annie" and "Wilson"


2015 Brags: Annie earned her OA, OF, RATN and CGC! She was the March/April Courier Cover Girl and won 2nd place in the Owner/Handler class at the national specialty!


2015 Brags: Wilson was born! He's learning agility and placed 2nd in the 6 - 9 month sweepstakes class at the national specialty, which was his first time in the ring!

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Ilana Israel and "Rio"


2015 Brags: Rio earned his CGC and CGCA!  He is currently in a baby dog agility class where he is loving everything!

Am/UKC Champion Mariposa's Firefly "Minnie"
Am/UKC Champion Mariposa's Snugasabug "Cricket"
Scott Lenz and David Swank with "Minnie" and "Cricket"


2015 Brags: Minnie finished her AKC CH with a 5 point major at the Chicago PWDC Supported entry.  Bred by David Swank and Scott Lenz


2015 Brags: Cricket finished her AKC CH with a 5 point major at Chicago Regional Specialty.  Bred by David Swank and Scott Lenz. 

Melissa Liebaert and "Silvy"


2015 Brags: A BIG accomplishment was the new Versatility 3 way pouch exchange. Those who know Silvy know she does not accept strangers very well. At the National Specialty she swam straight to the land steward and took the pouch!  Silvy also has a leg in Novice Barn Hunt and has been learning Nosework.

Stan Liebaert and "Shooter"


2015 Brags: Shooter is 11.5 years old and earned 7 AKC Agility titles: MXP2, MJPB, PAX, MXPB, MJP3, T2BP2, MXP3. At the National Specialty, he qualified in 4 of 6 runs. 



Hillary Snyder and "Cawly"


2015 Brags: Cawly earned his JWD, AWD, WWD titles! Achieved his first AKC agility leg (NF) and several CPE agility legs!

Pat and Roy Vokes and "Kelby"


2015 Brags: First to earn the new Versatility Award! Passed Package A on Saturday July 4 and Package B Sunday July 5, 2015! Kelby is 9 1/2 years old and has earned a total of 8 Versatility Awards.

Brenda Young and "Miles" and "Pixel"


2015 Brags: Miles earned is AKC CH, JWD, AWD, TDI, RN! Currently has two legs towards RA and earned one leg in NAJ and NA this year!


2015 Brags: Pixel earned her UKC CH, JWD, AWD!

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