2019 Brags

Brags can include:

  • new titles, 

  • a new trick you taught your PWD 

  • how your PWD passed puppy kindergarten

  • whatever you PWD is up to now!  

We want to know how you have kept your dog mentally and physically exercised! 

Please submit your brag to Webmaster mari.irwin@me.com ​ 

Include your name, your dog’s call name and registered name, the brag, and a photo of your dog.


Thanks, Mari


Mariposa’s Thyme Will Tell TKN  (Grady) Owner- David Swank, Scott Lenz

Mariposa’s Bless Your Heart TKN (Emmy) Owner- David Swank, Scott Lenz

CH Mariposa’s Leonidas (Leo) Owners-  Kristina, Christine, David Olson, D. Swank, S. Lenz

CH Mariposa’s Widow Jane CGC JWD (Brooklyn)

Owners - Kristina,


David Olson,

D. Swank, S. Lenz

Red River Vieux Carre At (BJ) Mariposa CGC TKN SCN AWD Owner – David Swank

Owners – Melissa and Stan Liebaert
CH Mariposa’s Basil Hayden NA NF CGC TKN JWD

Lego-Novice Fast Title.jpg

Owners: Janet Malecki & Mari Irwin

Handler: Lisa Arnett

Mariposa PWD

CH Red River Dog Kennels LLC Apollo

AKA Captain America

Owners: Melisa & Stan Liebaert

Handler: Melisa Liebaert

Jules (Mariposa PWD puppy) 

AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy