Novice Water Workshop 

Join us for a fun-filled day at our Great Lakes Portuguese Water Dog Club’s

Water Training Camp for Junior Water Dog and Apprentice Levels!

June 25, 2022 @ Red River Dog Farm


Sign up for our Water Training Camp for Junior Water Dog and Apprentice Levels where you and your dog can work with camp leader Julie Wencloff! 



Julie Wencloff began training and competing in dog sports in 2001 with her border collie/lab mix, Sailor Jane.  She soon began titling in CPE Agility and AKC Rally Obedience.  At this time, Julie was employed at a local high school teaching Biology. She has been teaching at Griffith High School in Northwest Indiana for 22 years and has been involved in leading a variety of extracurricular clubs throughout the years.

(More about Julie's background and successes below)

Working team (1 person : 1 dog) costs:

  • $45.00 for GLPWDC Members

  • $60.00 for non-members

  • each additional dog $45/$60 respectively

  • If you don’t feel you are ready to work with your dog, why not just come and observe/audit!? 

  • Auditors (Member/Non Member fee) $25.00 per person

Lunch and Water Included

More About Julie's Background and Successes (Continued from above)

In 2005 she rescued a lab and started titling in AKC obedience, agility, barnhunt and UKC nosework.  On the side she was instructing agility classes at the local dog club she belonged to and also served as the President of Paw Power Blues Dog Club.  

In 2014, Frankie a PWD joined the family and the team started to train in there now favorite, water sport.  This past summer Frankie received his Courier Water Dog Title and is now working toward the CWDX.  Frankie is also a certified cadaver dog since 2020 with the American Working Dog Association (AWDA). 


In 2019, after both Sailor and Scout passed, Julie brought home her second PWD, Valli.  Last summer, Valli received her AWD and WWDX water titles in back to back water trials. Valli is also a certified Cadaver dog with the AWDA and has many other titles in agility, obedience, nose work, and barnhunt. In addition to her Land HRD title, Valli also has been certified in Water HRD (human remains detection).  Frankie and Valli both serve NWI SAR team (NorthWest Indiana Search and Recovery).  The mission of this group is to provide qualified, certified canine handler teams to assist first responders in locating missing and deceased individuals.

Bayswater's Kandy Girl BN NAP NJP SWN SEA CGC RATO WWDX HRD-IV Land and Water 2019-Present

CH Bayswaters Frankie I Can't Take My Eyes Off You CD BN GN RE AX AXJ XF SWA SEE CGC RATS WWDX CWD HRD-IV Land 2014-Present

Never Forgotten Scout Baden Powell Wencloff CD RE AX AXJ NF OFP 2005-2018 Sailor Jane Wencloff 2001-2014